Mobile App Promo Video for Day One Journal


There are a few things that this promo video does right, which make it a great mobile app promo video, and while we don’t entirely agree with this format of the promo video, there’s certainly a thing or two to be learned from it.

Pretty much everybody knows what a journal is, but in the age of constantly updated social media feeds, good old journals have found themselves to be at the edge of oblivion.

The video does a perfect job of introducing the idea of journaling in the modern context by having different characters share their little stories while at the same time giving us glimpses of how the whole thing is supposed to work. The problem with this is, there are just too many focal points, which can most certainly confuse the average viewer, who might be distracted to begin with.

That being said, the promo video rates really high on its’ production quality and aesthetic pleasantness, which is why we featured it on our list of 12 Great mobile app promo videos.


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