Limbo Mobile App Promo Video

 This mobile app promo video takes the idea of “Less is more” to an entirely new level. Featured already in one of our detailed posts about examples of great app promo videos in a way the game promotes itself, which is why the promo video is basically a short compilation of various intriguing moments of the actual game play. The Denmark based creators of this game; “Playdead” almost took a decade from the inception of the idea to the full-scale actualization of the game on Android and iOS platforms. However, you can bet the promo video did not even take a fraction of that time to be actualized. Which is because the same theme of minimalistic design has been used for the promo video as well. The haunting background score, and the brilliant foley sound only adds to the intrigue value of the app, which is always a great thing as far as any app is concerned.


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