ResQ Rangers Mobile App Promo Video

There are many admirable things about this mobile app promo video, but the one that stands out the most the timeless use of simple animation to convey the central ideal behind the app. That’s what makes it one of the best mobile app promo videos to learn how to make a promo video with minimum resources at your disposal while also dealing with time constraints. The promo video does a very effective job of explaining not just the core concept, but also the entire functionality of the app. It’s for this reason that we already listed this mobile app promo video in our list of great promo videos earlier.

Voice Over Script for ResQ Rangers Mobile App Promo Video

Meet Samar, he loves playing with and taking care of stray animals around him. A week ago, Samar saw a dog with broken leg. He tried calling an ambulance, it was unavailable and he could not help him as he is getting late. Radhika who stays three blocks away could help. But she didn’t even know about it. Manish, Joshef and Rahul were also close by.

We animal lovers could do more by just staying connected.

Enter ResQ Rangers.

Next time, you see an animal in need, you just click a picture and volunteers in the area get notified automatically. You can also reach out to the animal transport services via live feed and access NGO database; collaborate with your fellow volunteer.

Wherever you are save lives and earn badges which make you proud.

Not every super hero needs to fly.

Download the app, now.


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