Twitter for Small Business Explainer Video

Voice Over Script for Twitter for Small Business Explainer video

How to promote your small business on your Twitter?

Your small business but you have a storefront, a website where you totally mobile. You understand the value of connecting with your customer on-line. That’s why you are on Twitter. You starting to find your voice, you tweet about your business and you’re building deeper connection with your followers.

What about other people who haven’t heard about your idea and probably love your business?

Introducing promoted products.

There are two types of promoted products on twitter for small businesses.

Promoted accounts and promoted tweets.

With promoted accounts, Twitter looks your current followers and then searches for people with similar interests. When finds a match, Twitter recommends you, who to follow section. You gain new followers who can spread words about your business.

With promoted tweets, Twitter constantly monitors engagement and automatically promotes your best tweets.

That’s why; promoted tweets and accounts are not like traditional ads. You don’t write anything new.

Twitter simply put your best Tweets in front of more the right people at right time. You only pay when someone follow your account, when engages with your promoted tweet, you never pay for simply showing on someone’s page.

You determine the limit of how much you want spends for a day and how much you spend for new follower or engagement. So there never any surprises. You can also decide geographically where you content to be promoted which is great way to discover local connections.

You will be promoted on both web and mobile seeking even each potential customer on the go.

Twitter can help you reach the right people at right time.

Promoted products on Twitter, it’s a piece of cake.

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