Hound Mobile App Demo Video

Voice Over Script for Hound Mobile App Demo Video

This is Hound.

It’s my go-to-app that helps me get more done instantly. With Hound, I save time swiping and typing just by using my voice and saying “Ok Hound”.

“Show me how to get from Union Square to Golden Gate Bridge”.

Whether I am searching for directions, the latest news, listening to music or getting a fun fact. Hound has me covered and using Hound like having a conversation. No more speaking in keywords. I can just talk.

“What’s the weather like in Napa this weekend?”

Hound follows a lot like I am talking to a person.

“Show me Italian restaurants there that are open past nine pm.”

If I am thinking about taking a trip, Hound make it easy to find a great hotel. I can be as specific as I want.

“Show me four or five star hotels in Seattle for three nights starting on Friday between 150 dollars and 250 dollars a night.”

Hound can help me do so many things. Check on my flight, send a text to a friend, translate words or phrases, find that song has been stuck in my head just by Hum.

I can even talk with mortgage on my dream home.

After all that when I finally have some downtime.

“Okay Hound let’s play blackjack.”

That’s Hound.

Say it. Get it.

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