Mobile App Development with Oracle Explainer Video

Voice Over Script for Mobile App Development with Oracle Explainer video

You built and deployed a few mobile apps and feedback has been good. But, off course your customers want more. They want richer, more capable app’s to connect more back end systems with offline data with off line data capabilities. Those systems may reside on premise in the cloud or both. And you need to make sure it’s all secure end to end. This is only the beginning.

You need a way to simplify mobile development in order to scale. How about easy access to a mobile API catalog back-end services that you can immediately. Mobile ready API’s are available the rest for native SDK.

A platform with built-in mobile services such as data storage, data sync and push notifications. A platform helps you quickly diagnose and monitor the performance of the app and easy to use environment where entire team can collaborate.

Oracle mobile cloud service simplifies mobile development letting you focus on building beautiful engaging mobile applications.

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