Explainer Video for Tappx – Promote your app for free!

Voice Over for Tappx Explainer Video

If you are a developer and you created your app, you probably already know the difficulties of getting users and download.


The truth is the current cost of promotion on mobile advertising network is not proportional.

Why prices are so high compared to what you get to the display those ads on your app. It doesn’t make sense. In short it is unprofitable for developer and very beneficial for middlemen.

Tappx offers application developers a community of cross promotion for free. It’s really very easy. For every ad you host on your application, you can display your promotion on rest of the apps in the community. Simply with cross promotion of your campaign funded by the ads you show on your application. Easy and simple is that.

So what are you waiting for?

Its only takes a minute to sign up. Just integrate the SDK, we provide you.  Set up your campaign and begin exchanging views with other apps in our community.

All you need is your app and Tappx community to begin right now. And remember no one pays and everyone wins.

Join the Tappx community today and start promoting your application for free.

Tappx  the tap exchange community.

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