Promo Video for The New Starbucks App for iPhone


Straight forward and informative animated  promo video for starbucks app. Graphics are simple and engaging.

Voice Over Script for The New Starbucks App for iPhone Promo Video

This is you and you love coffee. Especially your Starbucks branding so IMOCA who with you. With all new Strabucks app for iPhone, you can get all your favorite things from Starbucks, faster and easier. So the next time you are at Starbucks, even if you forget your wallet, you are still good to go. Just have the app and shake to quickly get the things. When you pay with Starbucks app, you can add a tip while in store or after you visit. So wherever you are, you can always remember to thank your favorite barista and every time you visit a Starbucks, the afterwards with the stars that add up to your report. That you can redeem your favorite drink, free music and apps that can be downloaded right to your phone because a great cup of coffee can get you through a long day and make waking up to the next day a whole lot easy.

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