12 Great mobile App Promo Videos

Mobile App technology is the latest poster child of the IT revolution that is still taking place. A movement, which has redefined the way, we looked at the word and dealt with it too. From being just a utility toolon the screens of your smartphones, mobile apps have come a long way to now encapsulating a wider-than-ever array of functions and activities, touching almost all walks of life.

Whatever your requirements might be, chances are there’s already an app for it.

However, it is worthwhile mentioning that a brilliant app without a brilliant promotional strategy is only the job half done.

The promo video for your app is a crucial step towards the realization of the pull potential of the app itself.

What makes promo videos so great is that they pretty much work as a self-propagating marketing tool, bring almost instantaneous results and compared to other mediums of marketing like print media advertisements and such, they can be put together with minimal time and resources.

So what makes a mobile app promo video a great one? It’s a combination of several factors that lead to a great mobile app promo video, but the most essential keyword here is “engaging.”

 To best illustrate the subject matter, we decided to analyze some of the best mobile app promo videos out there that we could lay our eyes on.

So without further ado, let’s take a look:

1. ResQ Rangers Promo:


The reason why this mobile app promo video features at the top of our list is because it has all the elements of a classic mobile app promo video, in that it presents a problem using interactive and colorful graphics, and then presents the solution to that problem by placing the app the helm of affairs.

It explains perfectly how the app helps users resolve a situation that is commonly identifiable and easy to relate to.

A promo video was created by a video production company in India and shows one of the most effective ways to promote an app by creative use of simple animation.

2. Paper by Fifty Three Promotional Video :


This promo video for the art-making app ‘paper’ is a fine example of craft and aesthetic pleasantness. Shot beautifully from the perspective of the app user, it shows the app in action as the user creates drawings and shares his artwork on social networks. The video clearly emphasizes how easy it is to create beautiful digital imagery, even on the go. The best part? All this is conveyed without the use of any explanatory voice over or narration, solely through the usage of fabulous visuals.

3. Jelly App Promo Video:


Here’s a brilliant example of how to create a documentary style mobile app promo video. The simplicity of this format is its biggest strength. While we’re certainly not suggesting this format for all types of apps, the reason why this format worked for jelly so well is because it not only illustrates how the app works, but also the story behind the inception of the idea of such an app itself, which can sometimes be a major driving force behind attracting users. After all, who doesn’t like a good story?

4. Jotly Promo Video:

Here’s another promo video that explains everything you need to know about the app in a seemingly effortless way. It’s engaging, and it draws you into a world, which is so very similar to that of your own, while rightly placing the app at the junctures of importance.It takes you places and feeds onto your imagination. You almost feel as if you’re discussing the app with a friend while taking a walk down the neighborhood.  Thanks to the natural flair with which the narrator unfolds this app in front of you.

5. Carousel:


Despite the fact that this mobile app promo video doesn’t exactly explain the entire functionality of the app and focuses instead on the one key feature of the app, it has several nice elements to it, which make the video a treat to watch. It’s wonderful how the app places itself in the unfolding of the life of a man, from childhood to adulthood, simply through snapshots. There’s no doubt that this video would have cost some serious money in order to be put together so well, however, the reason why this video figures in this list is because of it’s near perfect storyboarding. That’s definitely something to take inspiration from while creating your own app promo video.

6. Day One Journal Promo:


This again is a brilliantly well-produced mobile app promo video and would have probably required a more than decent budget to be brought to life. While the promo video also doesn’t explain the app in its entirety, it is most certainly funny, warm and engaging. Which means it appeals directly to the emotions of the viewer. Which is something one should always be aiming for, while creating an app promo video. Just remember, when it comes to app promo videos, a little emotion goes a long way.

7. Clear Promo:


This is a perfect example of the now classic promo format, which is so very common by now, however, that doesn’t take away anything from the effectiveness of the video. Remember, the primary job of the promo video is not only to merely introduce the app to the viewers but also to familiarize them with its functioning while conveying how it can add value to their daily lives, which is exactly what this video does. It has a nice setting, a cheery background score and a lot of app close-ups – which allow the viewers the opportunity to get a good look at exactly how the app works. The best part about such promo videos is that they can be well produced within the constraints of time and budget, which is something one is likely to face, especially while promoting their start-up apps.

8. Gone Wishing Promo: 


This gaming app incorporates a narrative/story element, which serves perfectly in giving the users a glimpse of how the story might unfold during the gameplay. This is a perfect strategy for generating user interest and creating intrigue.

Which for obvious reasons are valuable commodities when it comes to such teasers.  Working along the lines of a movie trailer, the teaser uses a fine incorporation of sound effects and colorful action to reel the viewer into the gaming experience. It shows the app in use and practically demonstrates the end result – fun!

9. Limbo Promo Video: 

Limbo is what people in the gaming industry would refer to as, ‘The experimental stuff’, and that’s because it’s haunting and unlike any other gaming apps out there. The creators have taken the same avant-garde spirit to the promo video as well, and boy has it worked! Rather than providing any insight into the gameplay, the teaser basically shows a short compilation of the gameplay itself.  If you think your app speaks for itself, then this could just be the way to go. The best thing about such a promo video is that it hardly costs anything to put together. Super-affordability has always been a prized commodity in any business venture.

10. Everything Butt Art Promotional Video: 

The great thing about this teaser is that it focuses on the user instead of the app itself. There was no better way of convincing the parents to buy the app than to actually show them just how much fun their kids could have using it. So the central idea behind the teaser quite evidently becomes the smiling faces of the kids enjoying the app. This works as a brilliant marketing strategy, especially if the app is designed for kids, who are very less likely to be able to download the app themselves.

11. Cloo Promo: 


This app promo video does a perfect job of identifying a fairly common problem, something that everybody faces at some point or another and bringing an innovative solution to the problem. Needing to use the restroom in the middle of a city can be problematic, especially in a country like ours where decent public restrooms are few and far between. And the best part is that it does so by incorporating humor and practicality. Showing the app in action from the beginning till the end.

12. Duet Promo Video: 


This is just pure charm and emotional connection. Capturing moments of intimacy between couples distanced by geography or time, the teaser hardly gives you a glimpse of the app itself right until the end. The promo video just a perfect job of placing the app right in the center of the shared intimacy between lovers.

Bonus Promo Videos

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