Microsoft HoloLens Demo Video

Demo video is engaging, entertaining and most importantly informative. Voice over fits with look and feel of video.

Voice Over Transcript for Microsoft HoloLens Demo Video

Look around.
Technology is all around us. We use it in every aspect of lives. It enables us to do amazing things. But what if we could go further? What if we could go beyond the screen?  Where your digital world is blended with your real world?

Now we can.

This is the world with Holograms.

What will they enable us to do?

New ways to visualize our work!

New ways to share ideas with each other!

More immersive ways to play!

New ways to teach and learn!

New ways to collaborate and explore the place we’ve never been.

And new ways to create the things we imagine. Because when you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see.

This is Microsoft HoloLens.

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