Cargomatic App Promo Video

What if local trucking could be easier, it takes too much time for shippers and carriers to connect and then there is all the follow-up paperwork but not anymore.

Cargomatic  makes local trucking simple. Solving all these problems by connecting shippers trusted carriers with new easy technology.

Here’s how it works. Kenny is a driver, who has to deliver pallets across the town by this afternoon. Three is company as a long Kenny’s rat. She is shipment just about ready for pickup. Maria logs the Cargomatic , she enters freight information and get a great quote. No more calls are like the searches.

She books and offer is instantly sent to carriers in the area. One of those carriers is Kenny. Dispatch accepts the offer Kenny gets all the information, he needs from Cargomatic app. Now his truck is full. Cargomatic makes sure real knows the status of your shipment and receive proof of delivery as soon as Kenny’s job is done and Kenny denounced the Cargomatic wil pay him fast, in only a few short days.

Make sense. Right.


Kenny and Maria are really loving Cargomatic. It’s so easy to use and there is always personalized support when they need it.

Sign up today and be a part of the fast growing Cargomatic network. Cargomatic makes local trucking easy. Dispatch has it covered.

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