Promo Video for Oracle Java Cloud Service

Voice over Script for Oracle Java Cloud Promo video

If you could quickly self revision a cloud environment for your Java app’ s using the same platform, you use on premise. Would you

What if you able to instantly deploy and manage applications and have complete administering and monitoring control. Wishing you could revolutionize application development and deployments.

Now you can. With Oracle Java Cloud service, provision your environment in minutes. All the underlined setup and configuration is done for you. Storage, Network, compute and Security Infrastructure saving you time and implementation and make much.

Your choice is version, edition, environment, size and memory capacity. Pay hourly or monthly and if you need in memory data upgrade for your app or a load balancer to manage your traffic, you got them.

Quickly deploy your application with same mechanism you use on premise. With new cloud tools or migrate on premise applications to Java cloud service. It is the same technology, same platform in the cloud.

Developing applications in the cloud has never been more productive. Focus on business problems, innovate and prove concept fast. Scale out or in on demand based on your application needs. You have whole administrative and monitoring controls. Use the familiar web logic server administration console to install apps, configure your database and configure your security.

The entire environment is visible. See resources and memory consumed across instances. With few clicks, apply patches, add capacity and you can configure a schedule for automated backups, or restore to a point in time from achieve.  You are in control but what about advanced development tools?

Relax!  You can simplify your life even more with Oracle developer cloud service. A development platform that supports your complete application life cycle, free with Java cloud service.

Develop new apps, deploy to java cloud service, or your on premise infrastructure, elaborate track issues, manager resource code, and deliver continuously in the cloud.

It’s all integrated in at your fingertips. Now, you can run your apps with top speed in max efficiency with Java cloud service. The most advance complete paas for your apps.

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