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It seems our digital lives are getting more chaotic. So many ways to create and save what’s important.  We can all get scattered across who knows what in end up who knows where. You have heard about the cloud where everyone can access everything they say from anywhere.  But who want to keep their freshest content at some mysterious location. We’ve got a better idea, My Cloud. All your content saved in a single secure place back home.

The real magic of My Cloud is the power, you hold in your hands. My Cloud free mobile app gives you instant access to everything you save, anywhere you want with your Smartphone or tablet streaming your music and movies has never been easier and having your entire photo library at your fingertips is only the beginning. Just point, shoot and upload and the image is saved back home. Preserving precious space on your mobile devices and you can instantly share it with friends and family to send a link to a file or entire folder whatever the size.

It’s also a breeze to transfer files between the public cloud in your personal cloud. With My Cloud, you can open all your files remotely whether it’s a photo, video or that big presentation, they are all available anywhere you go, you can even edit a file and save it back to your personal cloud.

With the My Cloud Desktop app, you get an intuitive hub for your digital life. Now it’s simple to save, manage and share everything. Right from your Mac or PC just drag and drop the files you want to save, organize them and securely share links with friends and family. You can backup all the computers in your home. With you have a Mac or PC for both WD’s backup software automatically protects all the files on your PC. Plus you can use Time Machine to back up your Mac.

Gigabit, Ethernet and dual core processing deliver blazing fast file transfers. You can unleash all your media, seamlessly stream music, photos and videos to your connected TV, media players and gaming consoles. And with MY Cloud USB 3.0 port, you can just plug in an USB drive for even more space on your personal cloud. No more running out of ROM, no more paying for more capacity.

You can say that about the public cloud. The My Cloud dashboard gives you a single view of your personal cloud for ultimate control. You can check drive status, add users and customized access to your shared folders. So, rise above that other cloud, all your content saved in a single secure place back home. Accessible anywhere you go, all with no subscriptions, no fees and best of all no worries. My Cloud…personal cloud storage.

Finally, the cloud of your own.

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