Dock to Dish Promo

Voice over script for Dock to Dish: A fresh means of marketing seafood

Sometimes, this occupation actually turns to a simple life. Today many businesses are using technology to bring closure to local food. Dock to Dish is part of that movement.

Up to 90% of sea food in even US is imported which mean it is frozen and ship long distances. On top of that, American fisherman sale about one-third of their fish to companies proceed overseas.

Delivering fresh fish daily require precise tracking of inventory and coordinating communication platform for fishermen and customers. Every day, Dock to dish sends Emails and text alert to their members and member restaurants.

The ability to turn a simple idea in to a new service idea has never been easy or more accessible. The Dock to Dish app allows them to collect and share data and replicate their business model around the country.

Welcome to the idea economy. Move you to the next.

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