Xero Accounting App

With amazing graphics and beautiful locations this explainer video is a visual treat to the eyes. The demo video efficiently illustrates the working of the product in a very friendly way. The explainer video involves firsthand account by the various users and beneficiaries. This makes it all the more credible and convincing. The demo video transitions from one step to another in a very smooth and and interesting manner. The voice over used in the explainer video is delightful to hear. It is presented in an easy language and a very pleasant tone. This grabs the attention of the target audience and reduces the bounce rate. The background score used in the video is subtle and smooth and blends elegantly with the rest of the content. Apart from this the demo video is successful in being both entertaining and informative.

Voice over script for Xero Accounting App

This is Arthur…Tree house architect, Small business owner, dreamer.
And the built things he has like all architects, Arthur choose with care. That’s why he switches to Xero.
This is Lucy, she keeps all these books in order, and she has good order with Xero. She is enjoying it.
Xero allows unlimited users. So, Arthur can work at same time from different places including his accountant. With Xero, Charles has real time access and max cash flow. There is nothing to install, upgrade to free and everything is back upped automatically.
With Xero, needs to make a great team. It’s called Xero touch. Arthur uses it enters receipt, check on his books, that kind of things. And Xero let Arthur keep track his bills which make his vendors happy. And the business will be much business to money coming in…
Xero, it’s a pleasure doing business.

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