Twitter Flight School


The demo video is a visual feast. It presents the service and the product in an effective yet simple manner. The music used in the background is subtle and provides a pleasant look to the entire video. The animations and the graphics used are highly vivid and easily explain the service to the targeted audience. The colours used throughout the video are subtle and soothing to the viewer. The explainer video is attention grabbing, entertaining and informative at the same time. The storytelling of this demo video is really interesting as it beautifully blends with the background music. The language used is easy to understand, simple and appealing to the audience. The explainer video is overall neat and crisp effectively highlighting the tools and technique of the product it seeks to explain. One of the best part about the video is that it is completely centered around the audience and communicates directly to them. This makes it a user friendly video. Good voice over, simple language, creative and interesting animations make this video a very good explainer video.

Voice over script for Twitter Flight School

The wild landscape of digital marketing is always changing evolving a speed that’s startling as it is thrilling. The only constant in this unpredictable world is that your personal navigator that’s why we built Twitter flights school. Twitter flights school is a dynamic learning experience designed to help keep track the best way interpreting Twitter in to your work, no matter what you’re on. It’s a research you can return to again and again to keep ahead in the digital career and we built it fully aware how busy you are. By focusing on just the things you need to know and giving practical hand-on training, pursue the series of precise question, designed to quickly get you from here to fireside innovations and you learn by doing and immersed in a bash library….simulation packed with real world data research in time as you go, you unlock exclusive content, they can be dropped directly in to your presentations. And share with key stakeholders and plays with a player huge time commitments, you go to interactive prices at your own pace online or even on your phone, check in whenever you have few minutes. So when you ready to turn on and no longer than 50years to plan, get yourself over to Twitter flight school. Take flight

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