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This explainer video has effectively used animations as a technique to explain the product or service. The best about the explainer video is that the voice over is simultaneously showcased in the video with the respective images and slides. This helps the audience to easily understand the concept and functioning of the service. The visuals and graphics used in the video are simple yet creative and present a real feast to the eyes. The demo video is successful in grabbing the attention of the targeted audience and holding it. The means of explaining the various steps involved has been done systematically and with the help of slideshows that make it really interesting and easily comprehensible. The background music used in the video blends well with the rest of the content and is a treat to hear. Apart from this the video transcends from one step to another in a smooth manner making it all the more systematic. The explainer video is user friendly and would surely have a low bounce rate.

Voice over script for Twitter Ads

Whether you’re new to Twitter or a pro, creating a Twitter ad campaign has never been easier. With our new ad interface you can create campaigns on Twitter that align with your business goals. Pay for only the specific actions you want and track result over time. It’s simple as create, measure and optimized.

First think about goal in your campaign is. Do you want to gain followers, Capture email addresses; drive app downloads whatever it is? Twitter ads can help you reach it. Let’s say you are a camera retailer who wants to drive customers to your website. Select website clicks or convergence will guide you through the process and provide you with creative template that has been optimized for whatever you’re trying to do just add your text and an image and tell users what action you want them to take.

Next, user precise targeting option to make sure your tweet reaches the right people at the right moment. Finally set the budget. Twitter ads helps make most of your marketing dollars because you only pay for the actions you want. So, if you’re camera retailer you only pay when someone clicks on the link to your website. And after your campaign is up and running, our reporting tools help you analyzing the gesture excite to your goal. So you can easily measure and optimize your ads. Twitter ads are easy and powerful way to take your business to the next level. Get started at, today.

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