Introducing Mobile App Promotion on Twitter

The explainer video is a cheerful one made in a neat and clear manner. The graphics used in the demo video are very jubilant and glossy thus making it all the more cheerful to watch. The rich and varied use of colors and animations is a delight to watch. The best quality about the explainer video is the high beats music which keeps the targeted audience captured to the demo video. The voice over is also very smooth and has been presented in a very cheerful and easy going manner that is both viewer friendly and makes it a good explainer video as well. The animations used in the demo video are absolutely pleasant to watch and combined with the soundtrack and the voice ever it really gives an edge to the explainer video. A very good point about the explainer video is that it has sought to explain the product by way of giving examples to showcase how the app works. This makes this explainer video much better to understand and comprehend. The transitions have been created in a smooth manner as well.

Voice Over script for Mobile App Promotion on Twitter

Mobile app becomes a huge industry generating $26 billion in revenue last year. However for mobile marketer trying to acquire new users, there are over two million mobile app to compete against. I can teach you how to stand out from the crowd.

255 million users come to twitter each month to find out what’s new, hot and trending at the moment. For example, let’s say that Spotify a leading music app wants to promote their app on Twitter to drive new installs, Twitter’s mobile app promotion product suite enables you to drive app installs from this open minded highly engaged audience.

Fortunately, millions of Twitters users tweet about musicians, they love to listen to. Spotify can use keywords mobile platform targeting in geo targeting to identify fans in the UK for using I-phones. Using a promoted tweet offer Spotify can promote an exclusive album of fonder available when user installs a spotify app. In order to ensure they are achieving their goal for cost to install, Spotify can measure app install conversions and optimize their campaigns towards cost efficiency. In fact, Spotify recently drove thousands of app installs around the world within their target cost per install.

In a crowded marketplace, Twitter mobile app promotion keeps your app top of mind. New target audience is looking to connect with their interests and discover what’s new in the world will be able to find your app on Twitter.

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