FitMaster App Promo

Short and sweet, this demo video is informative as well as innovative in its approach. Vivid use of colors, sounds and groovy music absolutely fits with the theme of the product of the explainer video and engages the targeted audience. The video also incorporates all the necessary information required by the viewer. It thus transcends from one slide to another in a very smooth and neat fashion. The voice over in the video is subtle and decent with no unnecessary hassles and glorification. The demo video ably captures the mood of the product that it explains. The storytelling technique used by the explainer video is also impressive and genuine. The video has all the attributes of a good explainer video.

Voice over script for Fit Master video

Introducing the fitness master and a new generation of fitness tracking applications with more features than a simple tracker. The app utilizes apple’s new M7 motion sensor which allow you to create your motion data anytime even on the app is inactive. You can customize your height and weight and set personal goals for your everyday fitness. Your progress towards these goals will be displayed on your home screen. You can even measure heart rate right inside the app. The Fit Master will record your fitness data and then rank you unanimously against the people around you. In the social tab, you can view your ranking and stats for the current week. Each week, the fittest person be crowned the Fitness Master.

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