A demo video for a mobile app that is imaginative as well as a highly creative. The technique of using animations as a means of demo is all the more intriguing which instantly captures the attention of the audience and keeps them engaged, gladly so. The vibrant use of colours is a feast to the eyes. All this makes the video look easy, simple and something that can make an impression on the minds and leave a mark on the viewer.

The video is created in a neat and crisp manner keeping in mind the targeted audience. The visuals used, the language, the style of storytelling all of them are comprehensible by the audience that mainly comprises of the small businessmen and shopkeepers struggling to keep up with the upcoming technological means of upgrading businesses.

The voice over is clear, crisp and presented in a language that is neither too glossy nor too ornamental. The manner of storytelling is very effective as it doesn’t complicate things by getting into trivial technical details that are the prime reason for increasing bounce rates and drive away the audience. Throughout the video importance has been given to captivate the attention of the audience as much as possible at the same time explaining the product in a smart and user friendly way.  The video thus encompasses all the attributes of a good explainer video.

Voice Over script for Conduit Mobile App

Harriet’s flower shop has been around for years. But to keep the family business growing today, Grandpa Sam’s methods of promoting business are well a bit old ….Harriet loves her loyal customers but she also needs to bring in some fresh faces. She realizes that more than ever people are using their phones and tablets to search play and shop on the go. A mobile app or site is just what Harriet needs. But as a small business owner she doesn’t have the time, money and technical skills to develop one.
That’s where conduit mobile comes in. With our do it yourself app builder, Harry created a custom app for flower shop before she could say the world to let. Harry was really happy and so were her customers. Customers can now browse and order bouquets on the go, click to call the shop or get directions. Best of all, they never miss out on a great deal and with automatic updates Harry it short keep her app is freshen her flowers.
Using conduct mobile’s advanced analytics, she keeps track for sales and even knows that red roses are Friday’s bestseller. In no time, Harry started to watch her business bloom just like her lovely rose. Soon enough everyone in the neighborhood was using Conduit mobile to grow their business. Conduit mobile offers unique solution for all business needs. Your customers are already on mobile, create your app today and watch your business grow.
Conduit Mobile, Go mobile, Grow mobile.

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