RedShift Mobile App Ordering

This is a very good example of a promo video that’s a mix of video footages and graphic elements blended in to add that “explainer” video feel to it. We have all recently witnessed a flood of videos that are very very inexpensive with the looks of a 100k USD video. Now the thing is, if we can shoot patches for the video and create an overall storyboard using stock footages, the cost of creating videos comes down quite a bit.

It is definitely worthwhile evaluating whether or not an idea can be translated into a video only by the means of stock footages. The video production industry has always kept an eye on the stock footages available on demand, and now that we see more and more explainer videos being created across the globe, there is absolutely no reason why the explainer video creaters don’t leverage the power of quality and inexpensive stock footages to deliver more value to their clients.

Voice over script for RedShift Mobile App Ordering

You know the mobile app industry is exploding. In fact your target market is glued to their mobile device more than 14 hours each day but how you turn growth into more sales, introducing Redshift mobile app ordering made easy. We boys enable mobile food ordering making them easier to use an appeal to your target market, providing a hands-free pre ordering process in significantly less time.
“Give me a medium pizza with pepperoni cheese and mushrooms, extra sauce.”
Even adding or making changes is a snap.
“No mushroom and make that an extra large for delivery.”
Making your mobile app easier to use with no user training and it works with all Smartphone. Order should complete in a single step, prepaid and ready to go. If you are ready to increase sales and cooking competition, we can help. RedShift mobile app ordering made easy.

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