TourPal (Travel Mobile App) Demo Video

A very young and colourful treatment for a demo video for a mobile app targeted at the most vibrant target audience of all, the travellers. The video has been created in a very neat fashion with good looking transitions. The story of TourPal has been narrated with just the right kind of voice over, one which is not too serious, very very colloquial.

What is good about this very video is that the story is quite fluid. The viewer transitions from one feature of the app to the other while understanding how he or she can benefit by using the app while travelling. This form of storytelling is certainly effective and has been proven by numerous demo videos. The other end of the spectrum and the worst way to sell a service or product by means of explainer videos or promo videos is to list down and read out all the USPs that you have to offer one after the other.

Voice over Script for TourPal – Travel Mobile App Video

Going on holiday, remember to pack a guidebook, a GPS device, some maps, a local tour guide and millions of people to recommend restaurants, bars and shops and don’t forget socks. Not enough space in your suitcase?

Meet TourPal, a worldwide travel guide that makes traveling fun and easy. TourPal has awesome audio guides made by professional tour guides from all around the world. What’s so amazing about it that you can get the info you want when you want and in A language of your choice.

Are you into museums, fashion, road trips, tech, sightseeing, TourPal covers the all. But TourPal isn’t just about great audio guides, it also has tons of great features. GPS based online and offline maps with travel routes. You can easily find your way around. A unique recommendation system helps you discover restaurants, bars and clubs.

TourPal uses a small engine, they collect millions of social signals for local businesses and recommends where and when to go. So instead of relying on 13 biased reviews and ending up in the local tourist trap, you can actually discover where all the cool people go.

All of the info from TourPal can be downloaded to your mobile device for offline access, so you don’t have to worry about cell-phone roaming fees while traveling. So you are going on a holiday, all you need to pack is TourPal and extra pairs of shocks. TourPal, the way to travel.

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