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Promo video for

An explainer video that explains the services of a surrogacy service provider based out of Mumbai, India.

Lot of couples still does not know the benefits of surrogacy and stick to domestic and international adoptions. While such adoption are not only expensive, but is generally subjected to legal and medical procedures.

Surrogacy is considered as the best and the most dependable alternative means of reproduction. Less needs to be said that it is indeed a blessing for many and does great help for those who cannot conceive.

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There’s no greater joy than having a baby of your own. Want to know the most affordable and fun service in the world? is number one. We have delivered 7200 babies up to date and have among the highest success rates. Our doctor is among the best in the world and patients say our center is out of a future movie. Having a baby should never be pricey and that’s why we’re among the most affordable in the world. Our surrogates are super important to us and we’re the only center in the world to provide a personal chef, yoga classes, English classes and modern facilities. We’re lucky to be covered in leading newspapers and magazines across the world but we never stop working hard to be number one. Simply email us at and personally carry your message to team. No greater joy than having a baby of your own.

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