How to Airbnb: Promotional Video

How to Airbnb: Promotional Video

Airbnb sure has been a phenomenal success. A very simple idea executed with finesse changed how thousands of people travel on a budget.

The promo video featured here is a shoot based video, it is simple in its execution yet powerful in the way it communicates what it is supposed to. The video does not deep dive into features of the service and detailed descriptions, yet highlights a ton of features.

Anyone who would want to travel and avail Airbnb’s services will instantly have a bunch of questions about how will this work, will it be safe, and how comfortable things will be.

This video instills a fair amount of confidence in every way and is a great inspiration for script writers thinking about how to package a lot of information into a short crisp video .

Voice over script for How to Airbnb: Promotional Video

This place isn’t mine but I’m staying here for the weekend, it’s not a hotel and I’d never met my host before yesterday, so how did I end up here, I booked it on Air BNB. Once I knew that I was coming in this city, I took just a quick search on Air BNB to find what I was looking for. A clean, comfortable and affordable place to stay. There is a wide variety of listing and searching is really easy, just enter your dates and browse pictures of available places. It’s free to list, so people all over the world are posting their places, making the possibilities endless. Before you book anything you can read reviews of previous guests. If you have any questions, you can message the host directly through Air BNB. When you are ready to book, you just put in your request. Air BNB holds on your payment for 24 hours after you check them. After your stay both guest and host can write to reviews each others. It’s a great way to share your experience with the community and help everybody to find the perfect fit. You can stay a night a week or month if you want anyplace. You can stay in a private room or a place with other people or you can be at a home by yourself. These people are out for the weekend, so I got the whole place to myself. When I am out of town, I put my place on Air BNB, it helps me pay for my adventures and lets me treat myself to something special and with so many unique places available all over the world why wouldn’t I. First, I can book from anywhere, Air BNB lets guests and hosts choose experience they want and on top of all you are saving money and great Air BNB experience is so effortless, that the only thing left to worry about is where to go next.

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