Znap Promo Video

Znap Promo Video

Snap is a payment gateway which is built keeping the merchants in mind. This video isn’t too complicated on the animation front, but shows how low budget might also serve the purpose many a times if the basics are kept intact.

At the heart of every promo or explainer video is the script; and whether or not a video looks amateurish is largely on account of its voice over quality. We would say that this video certainly cuts it very close and just does its job.

voice over script for Znap Promo Video

By now you are probably considering or already testing a mobile payment platform for your business but how can you pick the right one. You don’t want something that’s just cool; you want something that can fix real business problems without adding cost and complexity. Introducing Znap, the first mobile payment solutions built around you, the merchants, Znap is a unique QR code reading technology that’s more intelligent and secure than card swap, NFC or other QR apps. Only Znap lets you transact with customers anywhere, anytime from any smart phone. With Znap cloud-based mobile app your customers can pay in store, online from your app even from your bill. They simply open Znap just to scan your QR Code and enter a PIN and your payment is processed. Customers can pick from their card wallet, electronic purse. A choice you can influence with special offers and promotions and they can earn and burn points from your loyalty program too which you can seamlessly integrate. Your customer can also capture your coupon offers into Znap coupon wallet. They can even capture an entire sale circular or catalog. Beyond payment, Znap takes you customer relationship to a new level. And what about security, no problem- only Znap gives you three layers cloud security and our patent-pending clone defence system. Znap QR codes means pay me because the direction of the scan matters. So your customers pay me credentials are protected. Znap merchant easily manage their QR codes and reporting with internet based merchant web station because with Znap integration is easy, there is no new hardware and virtually no infrastructure investments. And by the way Znap is global too. That like the solution, Do you been waiting for. Email us today Znap, we are changing world of payments. Join Us.

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