Choosing the Right SaaS

Choosing the Right SaaS

A very nicely crafted explainer video created by Oracle helping us choose the right software as a service provider.

The video is beautifully presented, the animations are smooth, the designs are minimalistic and the video never distracts us from what is being presented. The presentation itself is structured in the text book way of problem, solution, USPs mode. The first part of the video clearly establishes that finding the right SaaS partner is not as easy as it sounds. The presentation then moves on to selling the creator’s services through the video and finally ends by re-iterating the key USPs of the  service provider.

So what did we learn? The easiest and sure shot way of scripting an explainer video is –  PROBLEM-SOLUTION-RE ITERATE USPs 🙂

Voice over script for Choosing the Right SaaS

There are so many different SAAS cloud providers of all shapes and sizes. How do you choose? Some are so new that you wonder if your data is running out of some garage on the other side of the town. Others are large companies, mainly offering procreant or HR apps…Ohhh they promise more…someday…But when? Then there is 1st generation SAAS cloud providers who would haven’t modernized in ages. Every customer no matter how big or how small shares the same application. This lowers the provider’s cost. For years, they have been cashing in on running the same old cloud. This one size fits all old clouds mentality simply reduces your options. Take upgrades, 1st generation SAAS providers dictate when you get upgrade. You have no choice. And is your data as secure it could be if it is kept in one monolithic database with every other customer’s data? And, what if you need to keep your data within country boundaries? And how about complete business process? If you want your ERP to connect to HCM or to your CRM. Is it built in? Or do you need to go to another service provider, chew up valuable time & suffer through costly integration? So how do you decide on a modern SAAS cloud provider for your business? To help you get started ask your SAAS cloud provider three Questions.

#1 How many data centers do you have around the globe? Do you store my data in one monolithic database with everyone else? Can my data be kept inside country boundaries for regulatory purpose?

# 2 How many cloud business applications do you provide? Can you connect all my business needs using ERP, HCM and Cx or do you just address a few departments’ needs?

# 3 Is social and mobile embedded into the business process, giving my users & customers to personalized insight they need….using any device, anytime, anywhere?

No matter if you are a big business or a small business, asking questions and choosing a modern SAAS cloud provider that fits your needs now and going forward is the most important decision, you can make for the future. Get to know about your SAAS cloud provider. Look under the hood. Get answers and your IT guys will love it too! Oracle cloud, a modern cloud for a modern business. Personalized, connected, secure!

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