Animated Video Explains India’s Name

Animated Video Explains India’s Name

Have you ever wondered by is India called Hindustan? Hindustan sounds like a derivative of the word “Hindu”, then why would a secular country choose this name for itself.

The animated video is most definitely an explainer video in the truest sense. It picks up an intriguing subject and explains it in an engaging way. Perhaps the success of any explainer or a promo video is to understand weather or not it engages the viewer to the very end.

This video was created by a team of promo makers knows as “My Promo Videos”. You may know more about them by visiting The makers of this video certainly created this piece to gather more and more eyeballs for themselves, and I would believe that they succeed in doing so.

Creating such explainer videos is a brilliant idea for a freelance animator or a company which is just starting out to create a demo reel for themselves, a great way of proving one’s capability as an animated video artist or company.

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India, Bharat, Bharata, BharatVarsh, Aryaveta, Tianzhu and almost a gazillion other tongue-twisting names for just one nation ! Of course each of these names comes with its own historical baggage and controversy. But perhaps there’s none as controversial as the name Hindustan. How many times have you heard someone say, “If India is a secular country, why is it called Hindustan?”. Well, for a start Hindustan is not the official name for India, it is India or Bharata! And even if you still feel it is unfair to even call India “Hindustan”, because Hindustan obviously is the combination of the words Hindu and stan and therefore means land of followers of Hinduism. Well, Know what? That’s not completely true. Explanation time! Come with me to a time long, long ago…. The river Indus or Sindhu was worshipped as a mother and every person who entered India from the Northwestern side, was introduced to this river. Now, this was also a time when Indian trade was flourishing. The Persians who came to India had heard of the fabled Sindhu river. Except that when they pronounced it, they dropped the “s” and called the river “Hindu”. The land where Sindhu flowed and beyond was called as “Hindustan”. And the folks living here were called Hindus. The word Hindu got associated with the religion much, much later, close to 18th century. There was no religion called Hinduism back then! When someone was speaking of Hindustan, they were speaking of the place by Indus and not of the place belonging to folks following Hinduism. Hindu, broadly meant every Indian, and didn’t imply the religion! Incidentally, our country gets its name “India” also from the river Indus….but that’s a whole different story. And also incidentally, most of the river Indus from which we get the names India and Hindustan now belong to our brothers in Pakistan! Phew! Guess that’s enough gyan for today!

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