Crazy Egg Explainer Video

Crazy Egg Explainer Video

Well, how often do you get to hear a precisely calculated return on investment from an explainer video? Not too much I am sure.

Neil Patel and his team claims that this explainer video has helped them increase the earnings of their company to the tune of 21000 dollars every month, sounds impressive, does it not?

The video is definitely one of the best ones doing rounds for sure. Neil Patel on his blog (  has categorically mentioned that the most important part of the process of creating an explainer or a promo video is to write a damn good script. The script of this video compels you to keep watching if the subject is even remotely of any interest to you.

Also, I think the colloquial style of the voice over adds a lot to the overall feel for sure. The voice over in this video is done by Mike O’Brian. You may know more about mike and his work by visiting-

voice over script for Crazy Egg Explainer Video

Okay so look, the big probably keep small web businesses. Well, small is that they don’t know why their visitor are not converting. I am sure your web analytics tool will give lots of information about what happens with your visitors but it doesn’t give you any clues about why those visitors leave your site without subscribing, without buying, without calling. Sorry…Google Analytics…but see that’s where most businesses just get stuck and they stay stuck. It’s a shame really and it’s all because you can’t make big improvements to your site’s conversion rate and so you know why your visitors are leaving and so you know where on your pages they’re getting frustrated. That’s exactly why we built crazy egg, so you can see the elements on your pages that are causing visitors to hit the back button but once you see all the stuff that’s broken, you can fix it and more visitor start buying now and calling up. Okay so what do you get when you use crazy egg, a hit map tool to see the places where people click on your pages. So you can keep things they like and change the things they don’t. Is your most persuasive information position near the bottom of the page? Escrow map shows how far down people escrowing and where they abandon the page. Yeah! Now you can pinpoint where the page to add more interest and where your most important content should go. When you look at the over the report, you can see the number of clicks on each element of your page, now you can work on getting more back-links to make you money and less on the ones that don’t. With confetti, you will be able to distinguish all the clicks you get on your site segmented by referral source. Are you ignoring the most profitable segment of your audience? Confetti will tell you but the best part is, you also see the call the action buttons and anchor text that needs to be fixed and we made it super easy to get started almost too easy. Get your free crazy egg trial account right now, copy and paste your tracking code and select the page you want to analyze. Yep that’s a thirty seconds set up folk’s. Okay. See you might be thinking, can I track multiple domains, track HTTPS pages, i-frames and flash objects? Yes! You can and don’t worry, we know the speed matters so if you have millions page views per day or just a few dozen, our top notch hosting infrastructure handles that tail. Why not sign up for your free trial right now. It’s on us and grow your business like never before.

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